50 Shades of Love

50 Shades of Love

Instead of watching 50 shades of gray, try a few of these date ideas!

I want to empower women not make them feel belittled like that book/movie does. LOVE YOURSELF, RESPECT YOURSELF

How to really show your love for someone.
1. Give them a kiss
2. Hug them
3. Forgive them, even if you don’t agree
4. Give them the last piece of chocolate in the box.
5. Let them choose the first piece.
6. Say ‘I love you’ before they do
7. Hold their hand.
8. Stroke their hair (I love this)
9. Write them a little love note
10. Tell them you like them
11. Pray for them
12. Cuddle
13. Hug some more
14. Go for a walk
15. Share lunch with them…maybe even a milkshake
16. Go to the bookstore together and read/relax
17. Go to the movies (don’t see 50 shades of gray though)
18. Play a game
19. Go for a hike
20. Take a nap together
21. Go kayaking or canoeing
22. Go on a double date with friends
23. Get icecream…be daring and try a new flavor
24. Go window shopping
25. Go to BJ’s and have dinner, via tge samples
26. Rewrite your vows and send them to each other
27. Learn a new hobby together
28. Dance in the kitchen once a week if not more
29. Hug
30. Play cards
31. Play games with your kids
32. Remember to always kiss and hug in front of your kids show them you love each other
33. Look at travel magazines and plan a dream vacation
34. Go on a mini vacation
35. STAYCATION with the kids
36. Go to a play
37. Learn a language together
38. Watch a romantic comedy together
39. Cook together
40. Learn how to cook together
41. Go to a wine tasting
42. Walk the beach
43. Go to an art museum
44. Visit the aquarium
45. Call them and tell them your thinking about them
46. Leave a love note in their lunch
47. Whisper sweet nothings in their ear
48. Go for a ride to nowhere with the windows open and talk about nothing
49. Walk through the park
50. Make love to your true love because that’s how it’s supposed to be


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