50 Shades Gone Bad

Well, its happened, some guy saw 50 Shades of Grey and figured he too could be swag and carry out the same scenes in real life. “Listen up buddy, it doesn’t work that way!” Should they have added a cautionary tag to the beginning of the movie for such idiots? “Please do not try this at home” My goodness, I just don’t understand it. Rape in itself is a disgusting act, but to act out these ‘scenes’ and then blame it on the movie is seriously wrong. Yes the book, movie -both not my cup of tea, my friends and family know where I stand on it, but the book nor movie nor author made this man commit the act-put the ideas in his head-YES.  Torturing women is just, well WRONG, it’s not love, promoting it shouldn’t be allowed but it is. Torturing anyone is wrong actually.

I will not give details because you may be reading this and be at a place in your life where you are trying to heal. You can use the power of Google to find the article if you want to see the whole article or email me to find out more. But know that what took place on that college campus was indeed horrific. The young lady will need intense healing and support.

The book and movie were put out to fill the needs of a few thousand people. I feel this way the book is annoying yes but it is what it is they should have just stopped there.

This just makes me sad and disgusted. I feel that this may only be the beginning. Let’s hope and pray it isn’t. What are your thoughts?


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