A movie to empower women…

I obviously have not seen this movie yet as it is coming out soon, but it is a movie about healing. These are stories of heartache, sasadness, grief, torture, overcoming great obstacles, becoming a victim–becoming a heroess…. RAINN is a great organization that is helping young women(and men) who have faced sexual abuse/attacks, they help them through by showing them that they are more powerful than the assaulter YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO BE A VICTIM. Much like I’ve been saying.. Talk, Be Heard! You no longer need be silent. You are amazing, beautiful, and still usable; there’s something here for you to do, be a wonderful light in someone’s life. So stand tall, chin up and smile on! 😉 Here’s the link to the movie… https://rainn.org/news-room/February_2015_Hunting_Ground_Premiere


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