Getting Away

I read an article this morning about a moving company that helps women move out of their abusive homes into a safe place, better yet at NO COST. Wow, seems unheard of. The company is called Meathead Movers.

When they first started out they only asked for $20 and a pizza as a fee. So they’ve always been a great bunch of guys. They started getting calls from women in need of help moving from their abusive homes. They answered the calls willingly, but sometimes the abuser would show up mid move. They worked through it and moved the women out safely to a local women’s shelter where they where safe.

Beth Raub, director of the local women’s shelter, said that one of their staff is always on-site the day of the move so they can “call law enforcement if things get dicey.”

They were, in escence, knights in shining armor, their armor was their moving truck. They were heroes for these women, when they felt so lost.

They are only in California, for now, but who knows maybe others will be inspired to do the same.

I just so excited to see this article, to see that there are people out there helping each other. We need to be there for each other.

Here is the article so you can read it yourself.


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