So last night I had a dream that I really really wish I hadn’t had. Have you ever had one of those? I kept trying to run away from the situation but just couldn’t seem to be successful. I was so upset, thankfully all dreams end and they’re not real. When I did wake up finally I woke my husband up too and was in tears, but I grabbed him and held on to him so tightly.

It was one of those dreams a rape victim NEVER wants to have. I dreamt that there was an article in the newspaper about the guy who raped me he was angry I accused him even after so many years and he decided to come after me, he unfortunately found someone who fit my description and she was killed. I was horrified by this I tried running away. I screamed after reading the article. I kept running trying to find a safe place but couldn’t find one. I was so scared.

I’m sure that ‘being’ never even has a single thought about me and hasn’t since that night. But I can’t not think about it. I am still his victim, why?  Why am I still allowing this hold? Why do any of us? I’m not sure. It’s a real struggle. But we will all get through it. Together.

I shared this dream with you, not to upset you or bring up any bad memories but to show that we all struggle, that when we Talk we are Heard.

Enjoy your holidays my friends. Happy memories.



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