‘El Roi’ the God who sees me

I am reading a devotional called ‘Praying Through the Names of God’ by Ann Spangler, it is not your typical devotional but it’s so good. I am definitely learning a lot. If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of God this is the book.

So on to why I decided to blog tonight, and yes I know its very late but I just started thinking and had to write and share. I came to one of the names of God, El Roi, it means ‘the God who sees’. Hagar gave it to Him when she met Him in the desert. Hagar was Sarah’s servent, Sarah could not have children so she came up with the bright idea to have her husband Abraham sleep with Hagar and she would be the surrogate. Today women would ask the surrogate to have the eggs implanted, not to sleep with their husbands (that’s adultary) and awkward. Well, Sarah obviously became jealous, told Abraham it was his fault and kicked Sarah out. It seems she may have done physical and emotional damage to her too.  Hagar did nothing but follow orders.

So, here is Hagar; pregnant, alone, scared and in the desert no place to go and no idea what to do with this unborn child. An angel approaches her and tells her that she will have a boy, what she’ll name it, that she’ll have many descendants under Abraham. She is like WHOA, Stop the Bus!!!!  Not really, she actually said “El Roi, You are the God who sees me, I have seen the ONE who sees me.” At this moment she knows He cares deeply about her. He cares as much about her as a tiny sparrow that has fallen to the ground. Oh and everything that He told her came to pass. Gen. 16:1-14 tells us.

So, I was thinking, if he loved her enough to help her, a single mother who was pregnant by a married man (not by her choice), but yet still an unwed mother, then He must love all women in that situation right? YES! And even more important He sees it all and He even knows our future. He has a wonderful future planned for us with our messy past right there in the midst of it, ready to be used to help others. As you can see Hagar’s story is helping women 2000 something years later. Wow! She was just a humble servant. We all have messy pasts but that’s what they are…PASTS…leave them there. He’s the God who sees and knows, He is the healer, the seer of all. His eye is on the sparrow and He watches over me (and you). If He used Hagar in such a mightY way imagine how He will/can use you, allow yourself to be used in a mighty way.



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