Brock Turner, the reason women don’t talk….

This kid and his father are the reasons that most women won’t speak up. Brock’s father ┬áis vilifying his son and making him the victim, he his making it seem as though what he did was justifiable, which is untrue as we all know. The judge also plays a big part in all of this too. When does the victim’s voice get to be heard.

Reading the father of the rapists letter sickened me. He said ‘why should he pay a lifetime in prison for 20 min of action’? What if the tables were turned what if it was is daughter what if she was raped, 20 minutes of action, by a fellow students on campus, this would have gone very differently.

What is wrong with today’s culture that there are still so many people that tare rape and incest so lightly. It disgusts me. These are very traumatic events, sometimes even leading to PTSD, suicidal thoughts or worse suicide itself. But still people just don’t get it.

There are groups out there that believe that if a woman didn’t dress, look or smell a certain way then it wouldn’t happen to her. Well it happened to me both incest and rape and I did none of the above. Anyways it doesn’t matter there’s no excuse.

My rapists got away with his crime because he had family members who were cops. My brother got away with it because no one believed(s) me. This happens every day and it needs to end.

I want to encourage you to stand up and speak out for yourself. Stay strong. These monsters need to be stopped,you must be strong and speak up. You can do it. You Are Strong Enough.

Let’s stop the Brock’s of the world and their dads.








Here is what I have to say about that….

When the news story came out about the Duggar Family, at first I was so angry, so hurt, so frustrated. How was I suppose to feel? I mean he victimized his sisters the same way I had been victimized by my brother. Not only that but the church and family pretty much brushed it under the rug, as they did to me. So, these girls were not only victimized once but now, years later, victimized again. I wanted to reach through the television and hug them, let them know that there was hope, that everything would be okay, that if I survived that could survive. I hope its true. Incest and molestation can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. I wonder if those girls, all of them, had received the right kind of counselling. Were they told they were at fault, were they told to keep it a secret, were they made to feel ashamed? I know that I felt afraid at times living in the same house, imagine how they felt, they were so little. It happened to me from 11-17(when I was able to leave my house and leave). I was finally able to stand up and stop it. I hated it, it had to end. I had kept begging for help, but got nowhere. I even got into self-hurt just to get attention, still no one paid attention. So I went from being hurt to hurting myself. Just sad. Horrific that there are children and adults out there living such a life even now. Sin is evil but God is powerful. I can now use my story to help others heal. I have forgiven the ones who have hurt me, but I can no longer have a relationship with them for the safety of my children and for my own sanity. I couldn’t be part of a toxic relationship any longer. I still hurt because of the damage that was done, I still have flashbacks and it has caused me to have issues with my husband’s and my sex life, but we work through it together because we love each other. I seek out God for protection and love, He is always there for me and has always been there.

So, as far as the Duggar’s go, they are no better than anyone else, they sin just like we all do but it’s a shame that their life was dragged out before the world but they did that to themselves when they started a tv show, unfortunately. For the girl’s sake and for the sake of his wife and children, I pray that the publicity of it ends soon and that healing begins immediately and that no one else is hurt.

If you know someone who is in this situation please help them, please don’t make them feel ashamed, help them out of that horrible situation if you can, but most importantly LOVE them.